Donaldson Elementary PTA Volunteer Code of Conduct


By adhering to this code of conduct, volunteers contribute to the success of PTA events and create a positive and inclusive environment for all participants.


1. Professionalism

• Demonstrate professionalism in all interactions with staff, students, and other volunteers.


2. Commitment

• Honor commitments and be punctual for assigned tasks.

• Notify PTA coordinators in advance if unable to fulfill a commitment.


3. Teamwork

• Collaborate effectively with other volunteers and PTA members.

• Support and encourage fellow volunteers in their roles.


4. Respect

• Treat everyone with respect, regardless of differences in opinion or background.

• Refrain from engaging in any form of discrimination or harassment.

• Aggressive behavior directed toward parents, staff, students and other volunteers will not be tolerated.


5. Communication

• Maintain open and transparent communication with PTA Board Members and Event Committee Members.

• Seek clarification immediately when unsure about tasks or responsibilities.


6. Safety

• Prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants during PTA events.

• Follow safety guidelines and protocols provided by the PTA and the school when applicable.


7. Integrity

• Conduct all activities with honesty and integrity.

• Report any concerns or issues to the PTA Board immediately.


8. Compliance

• Adhere to all School and/or PTA policies, procedures, and guidelines where applicable.

• Obtain necessary approvals before making any decisions on behalf of the PTA.


9. Confidentiality

• Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information obtained during PTA events.

• Refrain from sharing confidential information with unauthorized individuals.


10. Representing the PTA

• Uphold the reputation and values of the PTA in all actions and communications.

• Avoid engaging in any behavior that may bring disrepute to the PTA.


Failure to comply with this Donaldson Elementary PTA Code of Conduct may result in permanent loss of volunteer privileges. Reports of non-compliance will be reviewed by the PTA Board and when necessary, the Board will vote on whether or not to continue to grant volunteer privileges for individuals who are not compliant with the Code of Conduct. Results of any such vote will be documented in the Board minutes and the majority vote will be communicated in writing via email to the affected party.


Version 1.0 Approved by current PTA Board on 2/27/24


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